Education And Training

IHMS is offering a globally recognized transnational education and training qualification for aspiring and professional teachers, trainers, instructors or learners who are looking to develop their teaching and training skills in their respective areas of expertise.

Award In Education And Training (Level 3)

This accredited qualification is essentially an introduction to teaching and training. It aims to develop the capabilities and expertise of individuals who are presently teaching and training in their subject areas, are assessors, instructors, tutors, or not currently teaching or training but aspiring to do so. It will impart confidence, skills and knowledge related to understanding the responsibility and relationship dynamics in education and training, the inclusive teaching and learning approaches and how to facilitate them at the individual and group levels, and the principles and practices of assessment in this area.
Specifications Course Content Entry Requirements
➢ Level 3

➢ Understanding Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in Education and Training
➢ Applicants must be aged 19 or above
➢ Duration is 9 months
Optional A

➢ Understanding and Using Inclusive Teaching and Learning Approaches in Education and Training
➢ IELTS 4.5 (or equivalent) for applicants whose first language is not English
➢ Successful completion will enable the student to proceed to higher level certifications in this area or directly get employment in an associated profession
➢ Facilitate Learning and Development for Individuals
➢ There are no specific prior learning requirements for this qualification.
➢ A blended learning approach will be taken.
➢ Facilitate Learning and Development in Groups
➢ It is designed to be accessible without any barriers restricting access and progression
➢ Course fee is £4,700 (£195 is non-refundable)
Optional B

➢ Understanding Assessment in Education and Training
➢ In some cases, individuals with extensive experience but no formal qualifications may be considered if they clear the interview and demonstrate their ability to cope with the requirements of the programme.
➢ Additional awarding body fee £180
➢ Understanding the Principles and Practices of Assessment