Level 3 Diploma in Law


International Employability & Management School, UK​

Why Study Law

Law is an interesting and enjoyable subject. It involves all sorts of moral, philosophical and practical questions. Law is a subject that is constantly challenging you with intriguing problems and exciting real-life stories.

While money may not be a motivating factor for you, it is useful to know that a qualified law professional can earn a very reasonable salary. People will always need lawyers to help solve problems where there is not a simple obvious answer.

In commercial situations, business people need lawyers to write contracts, advise on legal implications and to argue for the client’s interests. In the future, these types of problems will not go away, so it is important to have law professionals to help sort them out.

On passing this qualification you will be able to gain entry to level 4 or possibly begin a 3 year degree. This is a great qualification to get you started on your law journey.

Level 3 Diploma in Law will give you the following skills and knowledge:

Entry Requirements

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Course Start Date: 9/9/2024

Length of course: 6 months

Cost of Course: £3,500 + registration and certification fees.

Students pay a non-refundable payment of £250.  This is included in the overall cost of the course.