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Student Welfare Issues

Student Services can provide you with information on how to open a bank account.  You will need the following documents:

  1. IH&MS UK enrolment letter.
  2. Passport
  3. Confirmation of UK and Overseas address.

(To register at a surgery so as to obtain basic medical facilities). You may be eligible to use the National Health Service (NHS).  You should book an appointment with the local GP.  You will need to take a letter from the College to take to the doctor.  You should also consider the Immigration Health Surcharge, which costs £470, as you may need it in order to access the health service.  Information on prescription charges etc; is found in your student handbook.

To get Council Tax Exemptions on House Rent

You will be taken through all health and safety procedures during your induction.

It is highly recommended that you organise your accommodation prior to travelling to the UK. The College may be able to assist you in organising accommodation, should you need to.  There is extensive information on accommodation issues in your student handbook.

While studying at IH&MS UK it is important to start thinking about your career. Career advise and guidance is available to all students.  For more information please see Student Support.

the College will be organising social and cultural events at the campus.  The purpose of these is to allow you to learn about and enjoy the beauty of different cultures.  Students from different countries take part and present their cultural activities, thoughts, ideas and beliefs in a safe and welcoming environment.

In addition to your tuition fees, you will need approximately £1050 per month as maintenance costs for inner London. We advise that you also check home office guidelines.

Young Female Medical Student in Lecture